Your Honor Awards
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Your Honor Awards Guidelines 2019

In a Word document or PDF that you can upload below, please describe the context and why your project worked for your objectives and target audience. The narrative should address each of the judging criteria, which are described below.

Submissions are open to both service providers and law firms. If a service provider is submitting on behalf of a law firm or other client organization, they must first have approval from that organization to submit a nomination.

I. Project Summary - 500 words max

Please provide a project summary, written in third person. Summaries of all winning entries will be published in the LMASE Your Honor Awards booklet and may appear in other materials. (Note: Budget and other confidential information in the narrative section will not be shared publicly.)

II. Project Narrative

Please provide a project narrative for the judges written in third person, to cover the following sections. If any of the required components are missing or incomplete, the submission will receive reduced points for the specific section(s).

  1. Marketing Goal(s) — 200 words max

What were the goals that the firm wanted to achieve through the implementation of this marketing initiative? Judges will be looking at both strategy and objectives. Did the project seem to meet these goals and if not, why?

2. Production and Implementation — 500 words max

How did the project achieve the stated goals? What steps did your firm take to get results? The judges will be looking to see if this project pushed any boundaries for legal marketing. Is this project something other firms should learn from?

3. Results — 200 words max

What makes this project special and different? (Provide results and data to support your claims). Various campaigns provide different types of data points for results. Help the judges know what you were hoping to achieve and provide metrics and data that support your success. If your project was special, let us know how and why.

4. Budget

Provide precise budget data so that judges may evaluate a cost/benefit relationship. If the project was completed in-house, explain time, staff and resources used to complete project. Failure to provide information about costs and budget will result in disqualification of entry.

Hard costs – 200 words max

Soft costs – 200 words max

5. Why Should You Win — 100 words max

This is your place to tell the judges why you think this project should be a winner.

6. Other (What else do we need to know) — 200 words max

Is there anything else that you think that the judges should take note of, such as special research that was conducted, particular challenges overcome, etc.

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Please submit an electronic version of your submissions, including any materials, firm collateral and promotional items pertinent to your piece or program. No hard copies will be accepted this year. As part of your submission, please include a photograph of the LMASE member responsible for the project and your firm/company logo. These may be used for marketing purposes if you are selected as a winner.*