Wednesday, September 25

Full Agenda

12:00 pm: Registration Opens

1:00-1:05 pm: Opening Remarks

1:10-2:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

2:10-3:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

3:10-4:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

4:10-5:00 pm: Breakout Sessions

5:30 pm: Welcome Reception


Track A
New Marketing Professionals
Track B
The Client Experience

LMANext: Equipping the Next Generation of Legal Marketing Leaders


1:10-5:00 pm


Holly Barocio, Senior Consultant, GrowthPlay

Toni Wells, Principal Consultant, GrowthPlay


This program series is designed for legal marketing professionals with less than five years of experience who want to advance their careers, sharpen their skills, and more effectively contribute to their team. Topics will cover a variety of professional development and industry topics, including: developing and promoting a personal brand; current legal marketplace trends; best practices for professional relationship-building; how to network strategically; and more. We also want to hear what matters most to you and we will address additional topics identified by pre-con attendees.


This pre-con program is led by Holly Barocio (Senior Consultant) and Toni Wells (Principal Consultant) with GrowthPlay. GrowthPlay has been the training partner of the LMASE Region’s LMANext Program for the past three years. Holly brings more than 15 years of legal industry experience, including her previous role as head of the marketing and client services department of a mid-sized law firm in Chicago. Toni Wells, who has 22 years of business development and marketing experience, has served in business development leadership positions at three AmLaw 100 firms.


Five Minutes a Week to a Better Client Experience


1:10-2:00 pm

Ryan Suydam, Chief Experience Officer, Client Savvy


Roughly 87% of fortune 2,000 companies have implemented "customer experience" (CX) programs to attract and retain customers. And 92% of marketers believe they will be competing primarily on customer experience within 10 years. The legal industry is far behind the CX wave, and our clients are expecting better experiences from our firms. Our clients can walk into an Apple Store and have a consistent, positive, carefully designed experience anywhere in the world. If clients get this type of experience for a $700 phone, why can't they have a consistent, well designed experience for a $70,000 matter?


Marketers have an opportunity to transform the industry, leading legal firms forward in the CX revolution. All change requires education, supporting processes, and effective tools to sustain the "new normal." During this session, each attendee will receive a free copy of the "CX Deck" - a card game created to help teams within law firms practice CX every week, in five minute doses. We will break into groups, and the instructor will facilitate teams working through the core exercises: Practice Empathy, CX Moments, Gather Feedback, and Client Stories. Equipped with a simple tool, an easy process, and concise instruction, your teams will quickly adopt and practice CX every day.

The art of law firm strategy: How to Win From a Marketer’s Perspective


2:10-3:00 pm

Morgan MacLeod, Owner, Cubicle Fugitive Inc.

Geoffrey M. Williams, MBA, CLM, Chief Operating Officer, Cunningham Bounds, LLC


The goal of any strategy is to win. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, only the best leaders and firms will survive. In this workshop, we will look at how strategy plays into the evolving role of the legal marketer and provide real-world insights, tips, and tools on how to think, lead, plan, and execute strategically in a legal marketing environment.


Key takeaways include:

  • How to be a strategic thinker in a law firm;
  • Steps to build a strategic plan or strategic marketing plan in a legal environment;
  • Identifying the gaps and understanding what to do next;
  • Determining which resources, activities, channels, and tactics you should focus upon;
  • The means to lead strategically to get buy-in and alignment around marketing execution in a law firm; and,
  • Best practices and marketing tactics that actually deliver

Maximizing Client Feedback Interviews


3:10-4:00 pm

Sally Jo Schmidt, President, Schmidt Marketing, Inc.


Client interviews are one of the most valuable strategies a law firm can undertake. Whether you are interviewing clients on behalf of your firm, overseeing your firm's client feedback program or hoping to launch this important initiative in the future, this practical workshop will give you the information and takeaways to ensure the interviews are as productive as possible and maximize the value of these important contacts with clients.


The session will include hands-on exercises and a discussion of real-life client interview scenarios. It will provide attendees with information on: (1) ways to structure and implement the process to increase effectiveness; (2) roles the marketer can play; and (3) techniques that can hamper or improve the effectiveness of interviews.


The workshop facilitator, Sally Schmidt, has conducted thousands of client interviews and will share best practices and process information to equip marketers to conduct interviews or make sure their firm representatives are getting the most from the process.


The Next Big Thing: Using Service to Drive Performance Improvement with Clients


4:10-5:00 pm

Kerry Price, Chief Strategy Officer, Bass, Berry & Sims

Jonathan Mattson, Director of Business Development, BakerHostetler


As legal marketers, we are constantly looking for the ‘thing’ that can distinguish our firms and help us drive more business. The culture and structure of law firms have historically made institutional changes in service difficult to achieve. However, a shift is taking place that focuses on service through critical conversations. Join this interactive workshop that focuses on the two foundational stages of Service Metamorphosis – stages 1 (egg) and 2 (caterpillar). Attendees will analyze and identify where their firms fit on the Service Metamorphosis Continuum and the things that they can and will commit to do when they return to their offices. In addition, attendees will learn how to initiate and have vital conversations around service with important stakeholders in their law firms.


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